PartneRewards Programme.

Terms & Conditions


1.        Definitions


1.1.      Points are the unit of currency in the PartneRewards programme. There are two types of points; base points and bonus points. These points are added together to form a balance, which is available for redemption.

1.2.      Base points are earned on purchases from Tarsus. in accordance with the earning matrix. There are two types of base points; points in progress and points redeemable.

1.3.      Points in progress cannot be redeemed until 15 days after the invoice for which they were allocated has been paid for. At this time they become redeemable points and are eligible for redemption.

1.4.      Bonus points are allocated ad hoc at the sole discretion of Tarsus.

1.5.      Reward is the reward offered within the PartneRewards programme and which can be obtained by redeeming reward points as described in, and in accordance with the PartneRewards communication.

1.6.      A member is the beneficiary elected in the programme who will act as the gatekeeper of PartneRewards within an organisation.

1.7.      PartneRewards, introduced in 1998 is a programme developed to reward resellers for their loyalty to Tarsus. The programme is for resellers only and is not open to other distributors or sub distributors.

1.8.      Tarsus Technologies (Pty) Ltd (Tarsus), a company duly incorporated and registered according to the company laws of South Africa with registration number 1995/000439/07.

1.9.   PartneRewards Platinum is defined as the highest tier in the PartneRewards programme. A member who qualifies for this tier (annual spend of R27 600 000 +) is entitled to the benefits attached to this level. Current benefits are specified on this website. This tier status is valid for one year only and is directly linked to spend. (URL)

1.10.   PartneRewards Gold is defined as the second highest tier in the PartneRewards programme. A member who qualifies for this tier (annual spend of R7 800 000 to R27 599 999) is entitled to the benefits attached to this level. Current benefits are specified on this website. This tier status is valid for one year only and is directly linked to spend. (URL)

1.11.   PartneRewards is defined as the entry level in the PartneRewards programme. A member who qualifies for this tier is entitled to the benefits attached to this level. To be able to redeem the member needs to show an annual spend of R1 200 000 to R7 799 999 with Tarsus. Current benefits are specified on this website. This tier status is valid for one year only and is directly linked to spend. (URL)

1.12.   Company membership: If PartneRewards membership is as a company, the account will be established under a beneficiary, usually a managing director or similar, appointed by the company. All points earned will be for his/her discretionary use or distribution.

1.13.   Divisional membership: If PartneRewards membership is as a division, the account will be established under divisional head’s name, and all points earned will be for his/her discretionary use or distribution.

1.14.   Individual membership: If PartneRewards membership is as an individual, the account will be established under the individual’s name, and all points earned will be for that individual’s discretionary use.


2.        Tier Migration Policy


2.1.      A quarterly review will be done to migrate the member to the next tier provided the member meets the qualifying criteria, subject always to the discretion of PartneRewards.

2.2.      An annual review will be done to confirm if the member will stay on their current tier or if the member will migrate to a lower tier, subject always to the discretion of PartneRewards.

2.3.      Whenever the member migrates (up or down), the benefits will apply to that specific tier effective from the date that the tier was achieved. Benefits will not be retroactively accrued.

2.4.      The tier in the PartneRewards programme to which a member is entitled the following year will be determined annually by the total amount spent during the current year.

2.5.      Tier status is valid from the date it is earned until the end of the following year (31 December), unless a higher tier status is achieved during the period under review.

3.        Earning


3.1.      Members will start accumulating points on enrolment.

3.2.      Members will earn points automatically when they purchase products offered by Tarsus for qualifying transactions only. Tarsus determine qualifying transactions and no negotiations will be entered into. Members will earn points according to the earning matrix.


    3.2.1. However, in the case of special pricing deals, points earned are reduced to 50% of the standard base points.

    3.2.2. Please note that points will not be earned on any purchases from Tarsus' T-Bay.

    3.2.3. There is no fixed formula for points earned, as points earned are subject to factors such as transaction or overall account margin.

    3.2.4. The points earning matrix may be reviewed by Tarsus from time to time.


3.3.      In the case of a Tarsus account being in arrears (non-payment, late payment, etc.) a membership account will be suspended until such payments have been received and validated.

3.4.      Neither PartneRewards nor any of the participating PartneRewards companies will be held liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever sustained by a member of PartneRewards while participating in the programme.

3.5.      Tarsus’ entire earning matrix per tier:






Base points

(subject to earning conditions in 3.2)

10 points per R1000 spend

10 points per R1000 spend

10 points per R1000 spend

Tier recognition


1 extra point per R1000 spend

2 extra points per R1000 spend

Tier achievement (once off)


1000 points

2000 points

Bonus points

Ad hoc

Ad hoc

Ad hoc

4.        Expiry


4.1.      Points will expire depending on the level the points were earned on e.g.:
Points earned on PartneRewards tier will remain valid for one year.
Points earned on PartneRewards Gold tier will remain valid for two years.
Points earned on PartneRewards Platinum tier will remain valid for three years.

4.2.      Lifetime Platinum membership will be rewarded to members who have consistently attained platinum tier for five consecutive years.


5.        Redemptions

5.1.      Members must submit their valid reward request form, fully completed, as provided on this website to the Loyalty Programme Manager.

       5.2.    Members must send a copy of their identity document as well as that of the additional recipient to the Loyalty Programme Manager, either via email ( or fax (011 531 1063).

5.3.     Members must ensure that they earn a minimum of 6 000 redeemable points per annum in order to qualify for redemption. If a member has earned more than 6 000 redeemable points but has redeemed and now has less than 6 000 points, the member can still redeem.


5.4.     Should the member not have enough points for a specific product, the difference can be paid in providing the member already holds 80% of the points required for that product.


5.5.     Verification and follow-up procedures have been established and all redemptions are subject to this verification process. PartneRewards has the right to refuse a reward if verification has not been confirmed.

5.6.     Reward redemptions are subject to the terms & conditions available and are irrevocable.

5.7.     Points may not be exchanged for cash and are not transferable.

5.8.     You may not sell, exchange, barter or redeem points for cash.

5.9.      Points are not directly proportional to the cost of the item.

5.10.     Products will be delivered within 30 days after receipt of a reward request form, identification and verification, provided there are no queries from the form or any delays arising from circumstances outside PartneRewards’ control e.g. strikes, non-availability, fire or any other cause whatsoever.

5.11.     Should an item requested be out of stock, or the line discontinued, members may elect to wait for the item or select another item to the same points value. Delivery or collection will be within 30 days from date of confirmation of order.

5.12.   All products will enjoy the manufacturer’s guarantee and will be repaired, or replaced if still under guarantee or as per the manufacturer's specifications in regards to their return policy. Members must make necessary arrangements directly with manufacturer. In the case of items ordered from Core, the point of return for these items is PartneRewards. The point of return for items ordered from Hi FI Corportation is the branch at which the item was ordered or collected. Arrangements for such returns must be made by the member and is not the responsibility of PartneRewards.

5.13.   All rewards are subject to change and availability. PartneRewards reserves the right to change rewards without prior notice.

5.14.   Rewards may differ slightly from the rewards displayed.  For example a newer model may be displayed but an older model may be in stock in which case the older model will be shipped.

5.15.   The Rewards Request form authorises PartneRewards to redeem points from the member’s account in exchange for rewards:

5.15.1.       You may have your order delivered to you if you are in the major metropolitan areas (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth – within 50km of each major cities) only.


5.15.2.     Orders supplied by Hi Fi Corporation may be collected from a Hi Fi Corporation branch of your choice. The details will be sent to you by the Loyalty Programme Manager when the unit is available for collection. Positive identification will be requested at the time of collection and it is at the suppliers discretion to release the order.


5.15.3.       The member will be responsible for any deliveries outside the major metropolitan areas (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth). These deliveries are for the member's own account.

                5.15.4.    Positive identification will be requested at the time of delivery and it is at the couriers discretion to release the order.

5.15.4.       If there is nobody at the stipulated address to receive the goods, the onus will rest on the member to collect the goods from PartneRewards or from one of the participating partners.

5.15.5.       Changing or cancelling a reward, once verified, is subject to an expediting fee of R120 and any other taxes, surcharges, cancellation fees or any other charges relating to a cancellation will be payable by the member or recovered in points without member confirmation. The possibility to change or cancel a reward cannot be guaranteed.

5.16.  In sourcing rewards, PartneRewards endeavours to ensure that its suppliers are reputable and that the rewards are of the highest quality. However, PartneRewards gives no warranties of any nature whatsoever as to the condition, suitability, quality, availability, fitness or safety of any rewards, and PartneRewards accepts no responsibility of any nature whatsoever for any claims, loss, or damage of any nature arising out of, or in connection with the supply of any rewards.

5.17.  The event sponsorship tier benefit offered by Tarsus is limited to sponsorship of one event per annum.

5.18.  Only the designated beneficiary of a PartneRewards membership account may redeem points accumulated. PartneRewards reserves the right to request validation from any member who redeems points and will conduct investigations at their discretion.

5.19.   Participating companies do not have any authority, expressed or implied, to make any representation or warranty on Tarsus or PartneRewards’ behalf.


5.20.  Kindly note that the Channel Business College course discounts mentioned in the 'Benefits' section of this site are only applicable if you pay for your course directly. If PartneRewards points are redeemed for business training, this discount will unfortunately not be available.


6.        Sales and Buyer Incentive for Gold and Platinum Members (Tarsus Only)


6.1.      Your sales team & buyers will automatically be enrolled on the Sales and Buyers Incentive programme.

6.2.      Tarsus will reward your sales and buyers as follows:






2 Points per R1000 spend

3 Points per R1000 spend


2 Points per R1000 spend

3 Points per R1000 spend


6.3.     Should you choose not to utilise this benefit you may opt out by sending written confirmation to the Loyalty Programme Manager, however these points will not be credited to the member’s account but will be forfeited.

6.4.     Rewards to be collected from your nearest Tarsus branch.


7.        General

7.1.      Any member moving from one company to another and wishing to remain on the PartneRewards programme must inform the Loyalty Programme Manager, who will consider the request. Should permission be denied, rewards may be claimed to the value of the points earned to date provided there are sufficient points available in the member account and the company is aware of the request.


7.2.      Electronic statements will be sent to all active members on a monthly basis.


7.3.     Members must undertake to inform Tarsus and PartneRewards of any changes i.e. address, e-mail address etc. and must notify the Loyalty Programme Manager of any inaccuracies/omissions within one calendar month, after which time the statement will be taken as approved by the member. No negotiations will be entered into.


7.4.     Members will have access to their account on the website. Members are requested to accept the terms & conditions, register and log on prior to accessing their statement online.


7.5.     Tarsus and PartneRewards reserve the right to disqualify persons, divisions and/or companies from further participation in the PartneRewards programme, to cancel all previously accumulated points, and to seek compensation for points utilised, if, in the sole opinion of Tarsus and PartneRewards, such persons, divisions and/or companies have violated any of the rules governing this programme. This includes the fraudulent acquisition of points and the abuse of programme benefits. Tarsus and PartneRewards reserve their rights completely and their decisions are final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into.


7.6.     Tarsus and PartneRewards reserve the right to terminate membership and revoke accumulated points in the event of the following:


7.6.1.    The member fails to comply with the terms & conditions.

7.6.2.    The member supplies any false or misleading information.

7.6.3.    The member abuses any membership benefits.

7.6.4.    The member holds an account that remains dormant for a period of 12 months.

7.6.5.    If a company goes insolvent, all points accumulated will be forfeited.

7.6.6.    In the instance of death, all points accumulated by the individual will be forfeited and may not be bequeathed.


7.7.      Should a membership account be terminated in terms of the above, all accumulated points will be forfeited.

7.8.    No person, division, company or any other group may hold more than one type of PartneRewards membership at any one time.

7.9.   Tarsus reserve the right to modify or suspend the PartneRewards programme, or any aspect of it, with 30 days notice and/or to cancel the programme in its entirety with six month’s notice to active members.

7.10.   Members with no programme activity within the preceding 12 months will not receive any notification concerning those modifications to the PartneRewards programme.

7.11.   When you open a 30-day account at Tarsus you can register to join the PartneRewards programme by emailing your company details including your Tarsus account number to the programme manager. If you hold a Tarsus C.O.D. account you'll need to spend R25 000 or more per month for three consecutive months to become eligible to join the programme. You can then register by emailing your company details including your Tarsus account number to the programme manager.  


7.12.   Tier benefits are subject to regional distribution and availability.


7.13.   The rewards catalogue is valid for a period of 6 months subject to availability of stock.

7.14.   Points earned for any paid invoice will only be credited once.

7.15.   Points earned may not be transferred from one PartneRewards participant to another, or split between accounts.

7.16.  In the case of name change of the beneficiary, one of the following needs to be submitted: a copy of legal documentation such as a marriage certificate, ID or similar document. For the member’s protection, fax and telephone requests for name and address changes will not be accepted.

7.17.  The estimated time for points to be credited to the member’s account is approximately 15 days from the time the invoice has been paid for.

7.18.   Points earned for returned orders will be deducted from the member’s account.

7.19.   Membership may be cancelled at any given time by giving written notice. The member may redeem points within 30 days from date of cancellation. Failure to do so will result in all points becoming null and void.

7.20.   Participation is subject to the acceptance and understanding of the terms and conditions.

7.21.  PartneRewards - test


Please note no variations alterations or additions to this agreement may be made by members of the programme except if an official of PartneRewards has signed the said variation, alteration or addition.


8. Travel Terms & Conditions (Travel Creations)


8.1. All travel bookings must be made through Travel Creations. Direct bookings made by members will not be accepted under any circumstances.


8.2. All requests must be done via e-mail.


8.3. An overall travel service is to be provided which includes flight reservations (scheduled and charter), car rentals, hotel accommodation, groups, conference and incentives, foreign exchange, passport and visa applications, teambuilding etc.


8.4. Service fees apply to all bookings.


8.5. The membership number must be specified at the time of reservation.


8.6. All international travel queries will be answered within 24 hours of being received subject to complexity of routing and/or international tour operators involved. Thereafter a confirmation will be sent to the Traveller.


8.7. Domestic quotations/reservations will be completed within 12 hours.


8.8. All package deals will be responded to within 48 hours of the initial request, subject to compliance from tour operators.


8.9. Three quotations will be done on all international requests taking into account route, preferred partners, flexibility, specials, availability and Travel Policy compliance.


8.10. Two quotations will be done on all domestic requests taking into account route, preferred partners, flexibility, specials, availability and Travel Policy compliance.


8.11. All reservations are subject to availability.


8.12. Detailed itineraries will be issued for all relevant travel documentation. Distribution of travel documents can either be sent electronically (e-Tickets) or delivered by the driver. In the event of a late booking, document delivery will be agreed upon by both parties.


8.13. All visa, passport and health requirements will be included in the initial quotation/confirmation.


8.14. Visas will only be applied for upon receipt of ALL the required and completed documentation and the relevant time constraint as set out by the consulate is complied with. In the event of an urgent visa request, Travel Creations in association with eTravel will not be held liable should the visa not be granted timeously and all costs to be incurred by the individual member/traveller.


8.15. It is the traveller's responsibility to check and maintain a valid passport at all times. New passport applications and renewals have to be made in person at the relevant Home Affairs or embassy.


8.16. Travel related insurance advice can be given upon request.


8.17 Travel Creations Standard Trading Terms and Conditions

The following are the standard trading conditions used by Travel Creations CC which is hereinafter referred to as the “Company".


8.17.1. All and any business undertaken, including any advice, information or service provided or booked whether gratuitously or not by the COMPANY is and shall be subject to the conditions hereinafter set out and each condition shall be deemed to be incorporated in and to be a condition of any agreement between the COMPANY and its customer.


8.17.2. No agent or employee of the COMPANY has the COMPANY’S authority to alter or to vary these conditions either by an oral or written undertaking or promise given before or after receipt of these conditions, nor shall any act or omission of the COMPANY be construed as a variation or waiver of any of these conditions.


8.17.3. Unless otherwise specifically agreed by the COMPANY all sums not paid by credit card shall be paid to the COMPANY in cash prior to issue of documentation. Every customer engaging the COMPANY to undertake business shall do so and shall be deemed to do so in every respect and in relation to all the terms of the transaction including these conditions not only on his own behalf but also as an agent and on behalf of any person who actually uses the service booked through the COMPANY by the customer. Every customer engaging the COMPANY shall be deemed to have warranted that he has the authority to engage the COMPANY to book a particular service on behalf of the persons referred to in above. All non-commissionable or non-commission earning disbursements paid by the Company to a person on behalf of a client shall, in addition to the aforesaid, be subject to a 7% surcharge on such amount/s which shall be payable to the Company by the client upon demand, save and except for the purchase of travellers cheques or any other form of foreign exchange which shall be deemed to be a cash transaction and which shall be payable by the client to the Company in advance of such purchase. In the event of any of the Company’s supplier/s not accepting credit cards as a form of  payment and as a consequence whereof such amount/s are paid by credit card to the Company, then the Company shall levy a 5% surcharge on such payment/amount/s which shall be payable to the Company by the client on demand. Whilst the Company will use it’s best endeavours to ensure that bookings are made correctly and airline tickets and other vouchers issued timeously, no responsibility is accepted by the Company for the failure of any airline or third party to provide the services requested. In the event of a claim lying as against the Company, notwithstanding the aforegoing, then the client hereby waives and/or abandons any claim/s and further indemnifies the Company against such claim/s. It is further recorded that certain airlines and other institutions advertise services at a particular rate.  Such rates generally are qualified and/or for a limited amount of seats or rooms only on a first come first serve basis and no claim shall lie against the Company in the event of the Company being unable to procure such special rates. The Company shall not be responsible for any delays prior to departure of tours, during the course of tours, or at any other time and any additional costs, which may be incurred as a result of any delay, shall be for the account of the client.


8.17.6. It shall not be obligatory upon the COMPANY to effect insurance either for any person or for any of his personal effects or goods except upon detailed instructions given in writing by the customer and all insurance effected by the COMPANY pursuant to such instructions will be subject to such exceptions and conditions as may be imposed by the insurance company or the underwriters taking the risk and the COMPANY shall not be obliged to offer separate cover for any risks so excluded.  The COMPANY shall not be under any obligation to effect a separate insurance for each customer but may declare it on any open or general policy.  Should the insurers dispute their liability for any reason, the customer shall have recourse against the insurers only and the COMPANY will not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever in relation thereto notwithstanding that the premium of the policy may not be at the same rate as that charged by the COMPANY or paid to the COMPANY by the customer.


8.17.7. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary current and valid passport, visa and other vaccinations and inoculations which may be required and the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained as a result of the
client not procuring same.


8.17.8. Passengers over the age of 75 and any person with a relevant disability or who is pregnant are obliged to provide medical certificates to the Company and whoever else calls therefore confirming that they are fit to travel.


8.17.9. The client bears the onus of confirming time and dates of departure and undertakes to do so.


8.17.10. It is further acknowledged by the client that the Company is an agent and that in addition to these standard terms and conditions there will come into force additional terms and conditions contained in airline tickets and other documentation issued by other principles.  The client is advised and acknowledges that it bears the responsibility of familiarising itself with such terms and conditions of conveyance, which shall be deemed incorporated herein.


8.17.11. Quotations where given shall be on the basis of immediate acceptance and shall be subject to withdrawal or revision by the company.  Further, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the company shall not withstanding acceptance be at liberty to revise quotations or charges with or without notice, in the event of changes occurring in currency exchange rates, airfares, surcharges, insurance premiums, room rental rates or any other charges applicable to the services offered by the COMPANY or any other organisation whose services are engaged by the COMPANY on behalf of a customer.


8.17.12. The COMPANY is entitled to the benefits of any discounts obtained and to retain and be paid all brokerage, commission, allowances and other remuneration’s of whatsoever nature and kind and shall not be obliged to disclose or account to it’s customers, or principals for any such remuneration received by it.


8.17.13. Not withstanding any prior dealings between the COMPANY and its customers all documents or other matters including cash, cheques, bank drafts and other remittances sent to the COMPANY through the post shall be deemed not to have been received by the COMPANY unless and until they are proved to have been actually delivered to the COMPANY by the postal authorities.


8.17.14. The COMPANY shall under no circumstances be precluded from raising a debit and obtaining a credit in respect of any fee or disbursements lawfully due to it, notwithstanding the fact that a previous debit or debits, whether excluding or partly including the items now sought to be charged, had been raised and whether or not any notice was given that further debits were to follow.


8.17.15. The COMPANY shall be under no liability whatsoever whether on grounds of breach of contract or negligence in respect of any type of loss or damage, however arising whether in respect of or in connection with any goods, or any instructions, business, advice, information or services or otherwise, unless it is proved that the loss or damage was caused by the gross negligence of the COMPANY.


8.17.16. Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained the COMPANY shall not, in any circumstances be liable for any damages arising from loss of market, or attributable to any delay in transit, or failure to carry out the instructions given to it or any other consequential loss, howeverso caused.  The provisions in this clause 7 shall be construed as relating to any type of special damages.


8.17.17. In no case whatsoever shall any liability of the COMPANY, however arising, exceed R 200-00.


8.17.18. No act, omission, course of dealing, forbearance, delay or indulgence by the COMPANY in enforcing any of these conditions or any of its rights in terms thereof or any granting of time by the COMPANY shall prejudice or effect the rights and remedies of the COMPANY under these conditions and no such matter shall be treated as any evidence of the waiver of the COMPANY’S rights hereunder nor shall any waiver of a breach by a customer of any one or more of these conditions operate as a waiver of any subsequent breach thereof.  The COMPANY shall at all times and without notice be entitled to insist on strict application of these conditions and on their strict enforcement on its customers.


These conditions and agreements made by the COMPANY with its customers wherever made shall be governed and construed according to the laws of the Republic of South Africa and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of South Africa.


9. Lifestyle Products Terms & Conditions

Delivery Policy

  • The standard turnaround time for delivery of an order is 7–14 working days, however, this could take up to 30-days.
  • Orders will be processed as quickly as possible. Orders placed on weekends or holidays are processed the following business day.
  • The supplier will ship a product as soon as stock is available.

Extended Delivery Times

Should an order be placed for an item which is not in stock and should our supplier not be able to confirm a date within one month from the time of the order for delivery, the order will be cancelled and the member informed.

Warranties & Returns Policy

All products sold by the supplier are covered under a 7-day guarantee against defects. Items may be returned for refund or replacement subject to manufacturer and/or the supplier’s restrictions. All product returns must have a Returned Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) issued by the supplier.
The RMA is valid for 5 days from the date of issue.

Defective items may be returned for refund or replacement subject to the following restrictions:

  • All products must be returned in original condition including packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals, and accessories.
  • Software and consumables are non-refundable unless returned unopened in their original packaging with documentation.
  • Certain hardware items and all custom/special orders may only be returned for replacement and not for refund.
  • All returns must be shipped freight prepaid.
  • Any returns found to be non-defective are subject to a restocking fee of 15% and all non product related fees (shipping, transaction and insurance) are not refundable.
  • If unopened goods are returned within 5 days, the member will receive a refund excluding transport costs.
  • Delivery fees are not refunded for returns or for collecting of faulty items.
  • There is a 15% handling fee on any goods returned. Goods must be returned within 7 days of receiving the order – the handling fee will be for the member’s own account.
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